Jane Popovich



I am living my second life now. In my first very different life I worked as a textile designer at a soviet textile factory, under a different name, creating numerous carpet designs, fabric collections and embroidery patterns. Having completed a Master degree in textile technology, I then taught for 2 years at Vitebsk Technological University while I prepared for my PhD. My second life started when I moved to the US in 2002 , changed my name to JANE POPOVICH  and earned a new degree in  Mechanical Design. Since then, drawing has become my hobby and my passion.

Artist’s Statement

I like working with different media: ink, pencil, watercolor, acrylic, digital. Commissions have included book illustrations, cards and creating a collection of Russian fairy tale drawings in ink. As an active member of the Pittsburgh Society of illustrators I have participated in several art shows with my pencil and ink drawings, nude sketches and abstract compositions. My website is under construction and relocation now, but my new page on the Pittsburgh society of professional illustrators website is active and refreshed with my recent work. Visitors are welcome at my Instagram page janeokpitt Write your comments, see what is new, ask any questions and even buy what you like! See you at the show!

You can learn more about Jane and her collection of work at