Ron Jesiolowski



Although I have been drawing and painting since I was about 10 years old, I began my career studying painting and drawing at Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh, acquired by Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I continued honing my skills and style over the years while accomplishing an extremely successful career in corporate design, leading large design departments for both industrial and consumer product corporations such as Westinghouse, DelMonte, and GlaxoSmithKline among others and eventually completing an MBA in International Design from Westminster College in London, England.

Currently I am an active member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and professor of Drawing, Painting and Printmaking at Waynesburg University delivering coursework to both Major, Minor and Non Art Degree students. From my equally successful business background, I feel I bring a unique approach to my teachings, providing personal fulfillment to each individual through an appreciation that with an understanding and application of basic principles of art, one can have a richer life, be a much stronger, accomplished artists, or simply improve communication and creativity in any business environment or career objective. I also volunteer to teach drawing classes for the elderly at Passavant Lutheran Abundant Life Center in Zelienople PA. as well as drawing and painting courses at Sewickley Sweetwater Art Center.

Artist’s Statement

My work strives to invite the viewer to engage in a deeper understanding and appreciation of how precious life truly is, presenting unexpected life forms in scenarios of relative equality, experiencing everyday human goals, ambitions, challenges and obstacles associated with existence on the planet. By doing so, I attempt to help provide a window of a deeper understanding or alternative point of view of one’s own personal beliefs, convictions, discriminations, faith and portray a sense of a shared social discourse of planetary struggle of co-existence and survival.

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